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In May of 2019, unit member Franz Juschkat purchased this reproduction vehicle from another reenactor in Iowa.   The build was completely fabricated and the tracks were based on a backhoe chassis.  Upon arrival, members of 10th SS have made repairs, modifications and repainted her from Panzer Grey to Dunklegelb with Olive Green ambush pattern camo stripes.  She made her official debut at the WW2 Event in Rockford, Illinois in September, 2019.

The Sd.Kfz. 250 (German: Sonderkraftfahrzeug 250; 'special motor vehicle') was a light armoured halftrack, very similar in appearance to the larger Hanomag-designed Sd.Kfz. 251, and built by the DEMAG firm, for use by Nazi Germany in World War II. Most variants were open-topped and had a single access door in the rear.

The Sd. Kfz 250 was adopted in 1939 to supplement the standard halftrack. Production delays meant that the first vehicle did not appear until mid-1941.

SdKfz 250

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The reproduction SdKfz 250 makes her debut at the WW2 Days event in Rockford, Illinois!

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10th SS Frundsberg is currently accepting new members from the Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan area.  Click here to learn more.
The 250 is undergoing her early war to late war transformation.  Extra thanks to Gerhardt Zelfrau and Heinrich Wilsdorf for their painting efforts!

September 2019

Arrived Summer-2019

August, 2019