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Several Midwest reenactors were used as models for the different impressions

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For over ten years History America has created and published American patriotic prints, focusing mainly on the American military and its services (police and fire). Our initial development of the prints was slow--searching for mainly photos and images in books and on the web. As we dove more into the U.S. military history, we discovered a huge, passionate reenacting society that was more than willing to help us capture the military past. Having 5 great uncles in the Civil War and a great, great, great, grandfather in the American Revolution (Connecticut) myself,  I was very excited! 

Our first World War II event in Rockford, IL left us in awe of the passion and effort that each reenacotor had for their country, and represented unit and rank. We also soon discovered that many reenactors participated in multiple armies and/or countries. 

A crucial contact during the development of our latest print, History of World War II, was meeting Charles Bolanis of the 10th SS Panzerdivision Frundsberg. Charles was instrumental in helping History America with the World War II print. 

At History America it is our intention not only to remind, but to impact our (and future) generation(s) with the patriotic and heroic legacy that is specifically depicted in our products.

We also desire to increase and restore patriotic awareness and respect for those who served to protect the freedom for which this country and other nations was founded upon. 

Thank you , Charles and all those who help keep history alive.

"History of World War II" by History AMERICA


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Guest commentary from other ww2 reenacting units, members or enthusiasts

Mark Waterman, History America​

"History of World War II" poster